Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

What are my benefits using Bansytem
We offer by far the best price-performance ratio on the market.
Since we founded this service in 2016 we successfully provide our customers with reliable and flexible reportbotting tools.
Comfortably report your target via Steam- and Discord chat or access our service by logging in to your account on our website.
Each report you submit results in 44 ingame reports of which 11 are sent instantly and another 33 over time making sure that your target encounters Overwatch not only once - but multiple times.
We further guarantee valid reports by exclusively using legit and non-banned CS:GO-accounts with respect to 12 hours of cooldown after each operation.
Attached to your personal history you can review all logs including the exact date and confirmation ID of every single ingame report.
Can using your service get me banned?
No. There is no correlation between your account at Bansystem and your Steam account.
You do not log in via Steam in order to use our service.
How many accounts do you have
We are currently operating 2.000 prime and over 10.000 non-prime accounts.
How to get customer role on your Discord
Please contact one of the admins and provide them with an Order ID. Each purchase confirmation e-mail contains one of these.
There is no minimum order volume or expiration date for the customer role.
This will give you access to exclusive channels and giveaways.
How do I become an affiliate and earn free report tokens
Each purchase on our website comes with a unique Affiliate code attached to the confirmation e-mail.
Entering a valid and unused code here will add a number of report tokens to the active account.
The amount of tokens added depends on the order volume of the respective purchase.
Am I allowed to enter my own affiliate codes
Yes you are. If you made a new purchase, feel free to activate the affiliate code on your old account.
How do I get patron discount
We lower prices for customers who keep faith with our service and buy frequently.
Contact us on Discord or Steam if you are a steady customer and want a discount on your next purchase.
I still need help
Contact us on Discord or Steam.
What is this?
Using our reportbot allows you to get every hacker you face into overwatch.
You simply submit a target and we allocate our CS:GO accounts to send the required amount of valid reports.
Do free reportbots work?
They clearly don't. Reporting with bots requires unbanned CS-GO accounts and a cooldown of at least 12 hours after every action.
Although websites offering free reports exist, none can meet this necessary standard.
How do I use your service?
After payment you will instantly receive a key to log in to your personal acccount on our website.
You will then be able to submit steamprofiles (id64) of hackers you want to get overwatched.
This requires no Steam login! We will never ask you for your Steam credentials!
What is the best way to report?
Valve hardly gives any details on how overwatch works making it difficult to optimise a service like this.
The method we suggest is based on our long term experience.
Reporting during your ongoing match or right after the match is a common and reliable method. You can optionally add the match ID to your report.
Make sure that your submitted id64 got at least 1 valid in-game report!
Does everyone get banned from this?
No. While everyone you report via our website gets into overwatch, at the end of the day justice is up to those who watching the demo.
However, the more obvious someone is cheating the more likely it is to get him banned.
Can hackers bypass our system?
No. The only way to bypass a reportbot is to get whitelisted by its provider.
We do not offer a whitelist as we believe that it doesn't match the interests of our customers.
Do you offer a whitelist?
No. As mentioned above, we do not offer any kind of exclusion.
With our service, you can get everyone into overwatch.
What is this
We use our CSGO accounts to commend you ingame, boosting the values 'friendly', 'teaching' and 'leader' on your CSGO reports.
We do not need your Steam credentials for this!
How do I receive my commends
If you have purchase commends in our shop, you will find the IP to our csgo-server attached to your order details.
Please connect to the server by opening the ingame console and entering ''connect -IP-''
After having done so, all you have to do is wait. You can go afk / tab out of the game
If you leave the server, the queue will pause. As soon as you reconnect, it will continue.
When will I get my commends
Depending on the current number of active orders and the amount of commends you bought, waiting time may vary between 1 and 48 hours.
You can always request the status of the queue here.
Can I order a custom number of commends
Yes you can.
For example 100 commends are equal to 300 single commends and you could split these to 150 friendly, 100 teacher, 50 leader or whatever matches 300 in total.
If you wish to order custom amounts of single commends, please follow the steps given in the product description on Selly.
The system will check your order automatically. Thus it is important that you stick exactly to the required format.
The maximum amount of commends for each single cathegory is 10.000!
Can I order multiple times
Yes you can. But keep in mind that we supply a maximum of 10.000 commends per submitted id64.
Does buying commends make sense at all
Besides making your CS-GO account look awesome, commends influence the 'Trust-Factor' of your account.
According to the latest updates Valve applied to the game, this will put you in a competitive match with people who have a smiliar 'Trust-Factor'.
What is this?
We use our Steamaccounts to like your artworks and screenshots. We offer a total of 100 likes per object.
We do not need your Steam credentials for this!
When will i get my likes?
Depending on the current number of orders, waiting time may vary between 1 and 24 hours. In rare cases you might have to wait up to 48 hours.
However, you can always request the status of our queue.
Can i order a custom number of likes?
Yes you can. Just contact us on Discord or Steam for special wishes and we will serve you as quickly as possible.
Can I order multiple times?
Yes you can. But keep in mind that we supply a maximum of 100 likes per submitted artwork/screenshot.
I have ordered Reportbotkeys, but didn't received them.
After a successfull payment your Reportbotkey will be delivered automatic. Possible reasons for a delayed delivery:
Cryptocurrencies: There are still some needed confirmations left.
PayPal: Check your PayPal account if your payment has been successfully proceed.
PayPal: Check your E-mail inbox of your PayPal account you have used for the transaction.
I have ordered Commendations / Likes, but didn't received any of them.
After a successfull payment your provided id64 will be added to our queue. Possible reasons for a delayed delivery (>48 hours):
Cryptocurrencies: There are still some needed confirmations left.
PayPal: Check your PayPal account if your payment has been successfully proceed.
I have ordered Commendations / Likes, but some of them are missing.
Our bot never forgets any commends / likes or your id64. Please allow our bot some more hours to proceed your order.
I still need help!
Just contact us on Discord for instant support.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We are accepting PayPal, Bitcoin & BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash via our automated shop.
Additionally we are offering Paysafecard, Skrill, Amazon gift cards, Steam-items (e.g. CS-GO Skins, Steamwalletcodes) +20% extra fee or bank transfer on request.
Get in touch with us if you are not able to buy via our shop: Discord