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     Banned by ZONERBOT.XYZ 🌟
      We're banning faster than Aimware!

        Ban date: 2018-07-17 18:23:36

Nesko91 6 Jul @ 4:57am 
-rep report his profil with that link please guys he dont even try to hide that he is walling so hard ...
Nesko91 6 Jul @ 4:30am 
-REP wallhack so obvious he dont even try to hide ... Prefire awp perfect bomb site even with smoke mid and proud to be hacking .... -rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep-rep
Techno Viking 6 Jul @ 4:17am 
Played mm with wh wtf
yee 31 Mar @ 6:36am 
nimm das bitte an^^
SR 19 Mar @ 11:36am 
+rep :csgoglobe::steamfacepalm: