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tappin nn's all day long..
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wxshi loves to tap crackheads
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069 molly 16 minutes ago 
-acc and lose like always, trashtalking nn
ᵐᵃᵇᶻ 21 hours ago 
low insecure manchild from POORLAND lmao
♥ [66th] Aki ♥ 2 Oct @ 7:04pm 
get a life
♥ [66th] Aki ♥ 2 Oct @ 6:48pm 
-rep obvious walls
Sponge Bob 1 Oct @ 11:11pm 
Kejko 27 Jan @ 10:48am 
+best team dude
+rep best team play
+rep Insane Skills
+rep hacker
+rep Best man
+rep nice guy
+friendly man
+Awp Sensei 🙏
+Awp Master
+love u man
+really good
+rep legit middleman
+rep awesome player
+rep thx for middleman
+rep amazing teammate
+rep ♥♥♥♥ing fast awper
+rep Realy best awper
+rep Awp GOD
+rep Good Awper
+rep Cool friend
+rep Crazy Awper
+rep Best Awper
+rep good player
+rep gg wp
+rep Nice aim