The original BaNg! ---> been playing since 1.6

Former ringer for emprox (p.s mozzie was a drunk idiot lol)
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zuhnz 13 Nov @ 3:21am 
6ixy (gone till 2020) 7 Nov @ 4:09am 
310.4 hours past 2 weeks
daet #falseban 22 Sep @ 12:19am 
been looking to play a game with you :) have a nice school holiday cuz ur 13 ;)
Sync 20 Aug @ 1:08am 
Got bashed by his little cousin
j4ck 8 Aug @ 9:02pm 
;w; 4 Aug @ 5:53pm 
Very suspicious reaction times but ill give him the benefit of the doubt because he played for emprox